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we are by no means a jason bateman and arrested development worshipping community.
although we really like to do that.

es_ef_uh is so much more!

it is more likely a platform for the former members of the sfu*, the fanff** visitors and selected other people. this doesn't mean we don't accept new members. just apply for membership above and we'll think about it.

* sfu = seven freaks united (or just fu=freax united).
a group of people who met on a german friends messageboard, discovered that they're all (adorable) freaks and built their own cute little freak kingdom. including an own private messageboard (which partly still exists, but i won't tell you where), an imaginary freak house with imaginary weed on the roof (=dachzeugs) and a political party called KFP - Die Violetten (KFP - The violet ones).
hanna (=neongelbgruen), nina (bingbulette, arti (y_ctrl) and jule (coldplayer) are the remaining members.

** fanff = first annual nackedei filmfestival.
all visitors of fanff are attendant here.
some of our interests that you probably don't understand refer to incidents at fanff. don't be afraid to ask us about them, we are proud of every single thing we have done that wonderful weekend.
the next festival, sanff (=second annual blah blah), will be taking place in berlin at jule's humble place in spring/summer 2007. the naked performances will probably be given by jason bateman, patrick dempsey, will arnett, david hasselhoff or other damn sexy people (assuming we manage to get some movies with nudity of them). new visitors are welcome, just ask.

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